4-way stretch




What is “SELVEDGE”?

“SELVEDGE” denim refers to denim fabric that is produced using old-fashioned weaving techniques on traditional shuttle looms.  The image on the right shows the “ear” or “self edge” - the clean, finished edge that will not unravel, most commonly used on the outseam that characterizes selvedge jeans. 

What is a traditional shuttle loom?

Why is selvedge premium?

Every year, the number of vintage shuttle looms are decreasing.  Furthermore, modern, automated projectile looms can produce up to 15 times more fabric in the same time that a traditional shuttle loom can.   Vintage shuttle looms a 36” wide textile, while modern machines produce a much wider (50+”) denim fabric.

What’s so great about selvedge jeans?

Because the fabric is made using traditional techniques, the look is not only authentic and vintage, but the fades will be rich and realistic –why we refer to selvedge jeans as “real” jeans.

A traditional shuttle loom utilizes a device called a shuttle (pictured above) which fills in the weft yarns by passing back and forth between both sides of the loom.  This leaves one continuous yarn at all the edges so the fabric self seals without any stray yarns.  Using this process, the fabric mills are able to recreate the authentic, vintage look of selvedge denim.



















What's 4-WAY stretch?

KATO’ 4-WAY stretch selvedge utilizes vintage shuttle looms to create a NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN, exclusive 360 degree stretch selvedge fabric that stretches both vertically and horizontallyThis is why our 4-WAY stretch selvedge jeans is the perfect combination of vintage and comfort.